'Big' miss A Suzy In Love With Another Guy Already?

On July 17, the 14th episode of the KBS drama "Big" featured Jang Mari (miss A's Suzy) preparing to leave for the United States with Kang Kyung Joon in Seo Yoon Jae's (Gong Yoo) body.

To tear them apart, Jang Mari had lied and made up hurtful stories to both Kang Kyung Jun and Gil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung). Without feeling any remorse for what she had done, she meets up with Gil Choong Sik (Baek Sung Hyun) and says, "There's somewhere I need to go. Erase me from your head. You'll eventually forget me."

Gil Choong Shik, who is Gil Da Ran's little brother, replies, "You're right here. I'm never going to erase you," while pointing to his heart. When she heard his reply, Jang Mari was touched and something in her heart changed.

However, when she discovers that Kang Kyung Joon is planning to go to Germany instead of leaving with her, Jang Mari asks Gil Da Ran for help. Jang Mari finally understood and accepted the fact that it was time for her to give up on him now.

Jang Mari watched Gil Da Ran and Kang Kyung Jun from a distance while they spoke. Gil Da Ran goes to the airport to meet Kang Kyung Joon and asks with the utmost sincerity to save Seo Yoon Jae's life. Gil Da Ran also told him that Seo Yoon Jae's father truly loved Kang Kyung Joon's mother.

Gil Da Ran says, "Seo Yoon Jae told me that his father's life was full of misfortunes. I can live an unfortunate life... Because I love you." After seeing Kang Kyung Joon take Gil Da Ran back, Jang Mari feels bittersweet. Jang Mari was relieved at the fact that Kang Kyung Joon won't be leaving but at the same time it was crystal clear to her that Kang Kyung Joon was never going to look at her the same way as he looks at Gil Da Ran.

Towards the end of the episode, Kang Kyung Joon agrees to allow for a transfusion to save his older brother who was conceived via in vitro fertilization. When Kang Kyung Joon and Seo Yoon Jae shared blood, another miracle occurred.

Even though Jang Mari stayed by Kang Kyung Joon's side during the whole process, her heart was already leaning towards Gil Choong Sik. It is a mystery if Jang Mari will really be able to forget about her stalking days and begin a real normal love story.

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