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Grimm Season 4 Spoilers And Release Date: David Giuntoli Talks About Loss of Nick's Powers, Showrunner David Greenwalt Teases New Vessen, Louise Lombard Joins Cast [VIDEO]

By Andrew Urban | September 04, 2014 07:43 PM EDT


"Grimm" Season 4 is returning to NBC on Friday October 24, here are all the juicy spoilers and details about what is certainly the best show based on 19th century German folk tales. 

TV Guide reports that British actress and CSI alum Louise Lombard will guest star on the drama series next season as Elizabeth Lascelles, "a mysterious woman who is connected to the royal families."

At the end of the last season Adeline's baby was stolen, and Adeline thinks it was the royals. However, Nick actually gave the baby to his mother for safekeeping. Many are speculating that Louise Lombard's character will be someone Adeline goes up against trying to get her baby back.

Executive producer David Greenwalt dropped a spoiler about Elizabeth, telling TVLine that the upcoming season will feature a "new character who will enter the fray who also really wants to find that baby."

According to Executive Producer David Greenwalt, Season 4 picks up right with Nick having an identity crisis from his stemming from the loss of his powers.

Earlier this summer, Greenwalt talked about a new evil Wesen that will be introduced on the show in the first couple of episodes who "steals your identity but in a very disgusting way," reports the Los Angeles Times' Hero Complex.

According to TV Guide, a character named Gedächtnis Esser, aka Octo-Man, can steal someone's memories by attaching his tentacles to their head, leaving his victims either dead or with severe memory loss.

"This guy is ruthless and sophisticated -- a high-tech spy who is involved with some highly placed military intelligence personnel," Greenwalt told TV Guide.

In addition to Octo-Man's many victims, he will also target Trubel, the new feisty Grimm in town, which "will leave her in a very dire state," said Greenwalt.

 TV Line  reports "Adalind and the royals will have some competition as they search for her missing daughter: The NBC drama's upcoming fourth season will feature a "new character who will enter the fray who also really wants to find that baby," series co-creator David Greenwalt tells TVLine."

"You miss the power," David Giuntoli told TVLine's Michael Aussiello, hinting at what is going on in Detective Nick Burkhardt's head after he's lost his Grimm powers. This, he said, after quoting Uncle Ben in "Spider-Man (2002)."

"With great power comes great responsibility," Giuntoli said.

"I think [Sean getting badly injured] made for a good finale," Sasha Roiz has told Digital Spy in an interview. He added Renard might show "tremendous changes" if or when he returns in Grimm Season 4.

As for Trubel, Greenwalt hinted at the possibility that new actress Jacqueline Toboni could be a Grimm in a different city.

"We have no idea [what happens after Grimm Season 5], and then we might really start mixing it up. Like, maybe Nick won't be a cop anymore. He might be something else. Maybe Trubel has her own show in New York or Philadelphia."

Executive producer David Greenwalt said that season 4 will basically pick up from the events of the previous season, especially in Nick's case.

"If they could cure him and if he could submit to that process, which is going to be horrible -- or at least shocking -- does he want to be a Grimm again?" he teased.

Both Greenwalt and co-creator Jim Kouf are also exploring the possibilities whether or not Renard will live or die within the forthcoming coming season.

Season 4 of "Grimm" premieres on NBC on Friday, Oct. 24 at 9 p.m. ET. While you wait check out the cast and crew of Grimm at their SDCC panel.


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