IU “Received a Backhug for the first time… Didn’t know it was like this”

IU getting a backhug for the first time(Photo : Newsen)

On December 5, Singer IU went on SBS Power FM ‘Park So-hyun’s Love Game’ and showed her witty personality. On the radio show, Park So-hyun asked IU, “There was a great response to your appearance in ‘Dream High’, are you still thinking of pursuing a career in acting?” and IU responded, “As of right now, I have no plans to act, but in the near future I was to do act as a sad, depressing character. A girl that has a sad story to her past”. The radio listeners replied, “I am really curious to how IU will act as a sad character”.

On this radio show, IU talked about how she starred in her own music video and “received a back hug for the first time and it was the first time for actor Lee Hyun-woo as well. Thus it was really awkward and had to film it 5-6 times. I did not know a back hug was like that”. IU’s new album title song “You and Me” and other songs from her album ‘Last Fantasy’ ranked onto various charts.

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