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Rafael Nadal Injury Update: Feels FOMO About US Open 2014, Hard Court Comeback And Recovery Not Certain, Watches Basketball With Girlfriend ‘Xisca’ Maria Francisca Perello

By Sophia Steele | September 06, 2014 11:12 AM EDT


As US Open 2014 Men’s Singles gear up for semifinals, Rafael Nadal is at home watching basketball games to pass the time. And feeling very FOMO about the New York tournament. The defending champion withdrew from this year’s US Open to recover from a wrist injury, but his hard court comeback still not certain. At least he is spending more time with his girlfriend ‘Xisca’ Maria Francisca Perello!

Watch Rafael Nadal’s interview with IB3 la Radiotelevisió de les Illes Balears in Spanish.

According to Tennis World USA, the US Open defending champion said that “his recovery is taking longer than anticipated” and that he isn’t sure if he can “compete at his next schedule event in Beijing which begins September 29th”.

Yikes. His wrist injury update isn’t what his fans wanted him to hear. But Rafa’s ever supportive groupies have been sending words of encouragement to the 28-year-old former world no. 1.

He expressed his gratitude for words of encouragement on his Facebook:

“Thank you very much for all your messages of support, they help me to work every day to be back as soon as possible. I'm continuing with my recovery and I hope to be back competing soon. THANK YOU”.

Even the most gracious champion still doesn’t like feeling left out of something as big as the US Open. Rafael Nadal showed his FOMO by dressing up in his planned US Open 2014 outfit during his practice in Manacor.


In another post he wrote, “For this year's US Open I wanted to wear my uniform with no sleeves. As I haven't been able to play, I wanted to share these pictures with you of me training with it.”

Even the world’s greatest feels FOMO. Rafael Nadal is only human after all.

One of Nadal’s Facebook followers wrote, “The US Open isn't the same without you.”

Rafa probably wanted to hear those exact words.

But he has been spending his time wisely. He spent a fair amount of time watching basketball, probably with his girlfriend ‘Xisca’ Maria Francisca Perello. At least he’s putting time into something that matters to him!

Rafael Nadal and ‘Xisca’ Maria Francisca Perello should really get engaged or something. They’ve been dating for nine years now!

The Spanish champ ended his Spanish interview with the comment that “for the moment he is just following his teams medical advice and going from there.”

Rafa first sustained his wrist injury in 2008 and it has been hampering his career since then. Recovery hasn’t been simple due to the fact that tennis bears heavy tolls on that part of his body.

Do you think Rafa will make his hard court come back by recovering from his injury in time for Beijing? Let me know in the comments below!

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