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Idol Group Leaders Imaginary Job Descriptions, 'It Actually Fits Them'

July 18, 2012 05:16 PM EDT

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Idol Leaders Job Descriptions, 'It Actually Fits them / Credit: d

Imaginary descriptions of careers that would match idol group leaders were released.

On a recent online community board, the titled, "Idol leader's Careers," along with a photo was released, gaining much attention.

The posted picture showed fake descriptions of careers idol group leaders might have been if they were not idols.

The chart posted descriptions of the following idol group leaders:

1. TVXQ-Yunho: Our neighborhood supermarket owner who uses a country accent. His store is so popular that outdoor markets are losing their customers to him.

2. Super Junior-Leeteuk: Our school's famous language teacher who speaks very well. He has a great passion for language and can teach up to 5 hours at a time.

3. SS501-Kim Hyun Joong: Our really good looking senior at school who meets many girls.

4. Big Bang-G-Dragon: Our school next door's dance club leader.

5. SHINee-Onew: Our sweet and nice college major's leader.

6. FTISLAND-Choi Jong Hun: A worker at the convenience store I go to often.

7. 2AM-Jo Kwon: Our friend from the same major as me. His talents include sexy dances at group meetings.

8. BEAST-Yoon Doojoon: Our school gym teacher.

9. MBLAQ-Seungho: Our neighborhood gym's fitness instructor.

10. CNBLUE-Jung Yong Hwa: Our church's good looking older brother.

11. TEEN TOP-C.A.P: A good looking shopping mall CEO and model.

12. INFINITE-Sunggyu: A talented hair stylist.

13. B1A4-Jinyoung: My tutor who is so kind and repeats everything so I understand.

14. Block B-Zico: A great club DJ who gets all the attention from the ladies.

15. B.A.P-Yong Guk: My friend's stalker. He write letters to my friend too.

16. EXO-K-Suho: Next door neighbor who calls me ugly all the time.

Internet users commented, "Yunho's job description is the funniest" and "I laughed so hard while reading these."

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