Lee Kwang-su “I am Minjung noona (sister)’s Manager”

On December 6, 11am at the Seoul Ee-hwa Girl’s High School 100th year Hall, Lee Min-jung was there to showcase her new movie, ‘Wonderful Radio’ (Producer Kwon Chul-in and I-Vision corporation). This day, Lee Min-jung, Lee Jung-jin, and Lee Kwang-su came to showcase their new movie ‘Wonderful Radio’.

‘Wonderful Radio’ is about a radio DJ Jinah (Lee Min-jung’s role) that was once an idol group star and radio PD Lee Jae-ik (Lee Jung-jin’s role) who seems rude but very charismatic. These two people meet and run a radio show called ‘Wonderful Radio’.

Lee Min-jung portrays a singer that was once very famous as one of the first idol groups. She is the leader of the idol group called ‘Purple’. With her fame slowly disappearing, she is a DJ for the radio show ‘Wonderful Radio’ and tries to revive her radio show by making a new corner with the PD (Lee Jung-jin’s role). Lee Kwang-su, known for MBC’s ‘Highkick 2’ and ‘Running Man’ is radio DJ Jinah’s manager.

The producer of this movie also filmed ‘Singles’ and ‘I Like it Hot’. ‘Wonderful Radio’ will come into theatres at January 2012.

Lee Kwang-su
Wonderful Radio


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