More than half of the people starring ‘High Kick 3’ in a love line?

There are questionable love lines forming in MBC sitcom ‘High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short-legged’. In the sitcom, Park Ha-sun and Go Young-wook are in a relationship, but netizens believe they will break up very soon because Park Ha-sun is starting to like Yoon Ji-suk (Seo Ji-suk’s role).

During this time, Baek Jin-hee is in a one-sided love with Yoon Gye-sang, but also has a one-sided interest in Yoon Ji-suk as well. Kim Ji-won also has feelings for Yoon Gye-sang, while Ahn Jong-suk (Lee Jong-suk’s role) is getting secret private lessons from her. There seems to be a weird aura of feelings between those two people that viewers still do not know what it is. However, Highkick 3 representatives stated one of the girl casts will be Lee Juk’s wife in the end.

There are 15 important roles inside ‘High Kick 3’. Between these 15 people, 8 people (Yoon Gye-sang, Baek Jin-hee, Kim Ji-win, Lee Jong-suk, Park Ha-sun, Seo Ji-suk, Go Yong-wook, and Lee Juk) have a love-line connection with someone. Based on the characters, it seems that Park Ji-sun and Julian Kang will have a love affair also. This means two-third of the cast will be in a relationship.

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