'Ghost' Girls' Generation (SNSD) is Everywhere!

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The Girls' Generation (SNSD) made a special appearance in an episode of the SBS drama "Ghost."

On the episode of SBS "Ghost" that was aired on the 18th of July, a scene featured Kwon Hyuk Joo (Kwak Do Won) and Byun Sang Woo (Lim Ji Kyu) arriving back from the Girls' Generation concert.

During this episode, Park Ki Young (So Ji Sup) asks Kwon Hyuk Joo about what happened. Kwon Hyuk Joo replies, "7:39 knows" and confused everybody who heard his answer. Right then, Yu Kang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee) informs Park Ki Young about the security tapes that show Doctor Kang (Baek Seung Hyun) and Byun Sang Woo at 7:39P.M.

Park Ki Young then begins looking through all the files in Byun Sang Woo's computer and finds a record of the Girls' Generation concert tickets that have been purchased. Park Ki Young asks, "You attended the Girls' Generation in the midst of all the craziness?" and Byun Sang Woo replied, "I went to the concert with Mr. Kwon."

People in the online community responded with comments like, "Girls' Generation's popularity can be seen anywhere and everywhere" and "Wherever you go, Girls' Generation is popular."

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