CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk "Bang Mal Sook from Unexpected You' is Not My Style"

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Kang Min Hyuk of the idol group CNBLUE revealed his thoughts on the character Bang Mal Sook from the KBS weekend drama "Unexpected You."

CNBLUE's drummer Kang Min Hyuk is current starring in the KBS drama "Unexpected You" as a character named Cha Se Gwang. As an idol star who made a transformation into an actor, Kang Min Hyuk's adorable side as well as his charismatic toughness can be seen in the photos from the SURE magazine photo shoot.

During the interview with SURE, Kang Min Hyuk revealed, "I'm getting a lot of feedback on my acting while playing the character Cha Se Gwang. I think it's a good thing because the attention I get from my role in the drama all eventually lead to CNBLUE."

When Kang Min Hyuk was questioned about his thought on a woman like Bang Mal Sook from the drama "Unexpected You," he replied, "No matter how much I care about a woman, if she behaves inappropriately or speaks rudely, I don't think my feelings for her will remain the same."

Kang Min Hyuk's interview with SURE will be released in the August issue along with the rest of the photos from the photo shoot.

Photo Credit: SURE

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