Minjung Lee, Sorry and Thank you to Manager

Actress Minjung Lee began to shed tears while thanking her manager.

MinJung Lee at 11AM on December 6th at the Production Briefing Session for the movie "Wonderful Radio" (Director ChilIn Kwon) when asked "Are you sorry towards your manager at all?" she responded with "A lot."

She continued, "When I think about it one by one, there are a lot. I feel thankful more than sorry. I'm sorry because I am thankful. Why am I getting teary? Thank you very much!" As she continued everyone in the room began to wonder.

In the movie, MinJung Lee plays a girl named JinAh Shin who used to be part of a famous Girl Group but is placed in a crisis where she is about to be asked to leave but becomes a DJ. Within the movie MinJung Lee is praised for her acting horribly towards Kwang Soo Lee who plays her manager.

KwangSoo Lee created laughter by stating, "MinJung Lee has the peculiar characteristic of irritation that all beautiful woman have. However, the irritation isn't detestable; it just makes you a little tired."

The movie "Wonderful Radio" featuring the DJ JinAh Shin (MinJung Lee) in a crisis and the radio program PD JaeHyuk Lee (JungJin Lee) will air next January.

Photo Credits: Reporter Hyojin Song



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