'Wonderful Radio' Jung Jin Lee Shares Two Different Personalities

Actor Jung Jin Lee shared his thoughts about his looks.

Jung Jin Lee at 11AM on December 6th at the Production Briefing Session for the movie "Wonderful Radio" (Director ChilIn Kwon) when asked "Are you like the character you played in the movie?"

Jung Jin Lee who played the role of a haggard radio PD JaeHee Lee becomes engaged in a heated debate with the DJ JinAh Shin played by MinJung Lee.

JungJin commented by saying "On the outside I am a city man but on the inside I represent a country man." He created laughter amongst the staff and MC CultTwo responded saying, "That is the perfect comparison. He is truly humorous."

The movie "Wonderful Radio" featuring the DJ JinAh Shin (MinJung Lee) in a crisis and the radio program PD JaeHyuk Lee (JungJin Lee) will air next January.

Photo Credit: Reporter HyoJin Song

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