"Light and Shadow" Dambi Son Cheers On Sang Mi Nam

Dambi Son cheered up SangMi Nam who feels tension towards her fist performance.

The MBC TV drama 'Light and Shadow' which aired on December 6th at 9:55PM (written by WanGyu Choi, Directed by JuHwan Loo and Sang Yeop Lee) features JungHeh Lee (SangMi Nam) who is performing for the first time on stage.

JungHeh feels tension while waiting to start her first performance. ChaeYoung Yoo (Dambi Son) appears in front of her warmly saying "You're feeling anxious right? I heard it's your first performance."

JungHeh responds saying "I don't think I can remember all the lyrics." ChaeYoung cheers her on by saying 'When it actually starts, you're you'll be fine!' and giving her anxiety medicine.

Photo Credits: MBC TV 'Light and Shadow' Capture

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Light and Shadow


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