'1 VS 100' Kwang Kyu Kim - "I will propose if I win!"

Actor Kwang Kyu Kim expresses his determination for marriage.

On KBS 2TV's '1 VS 100' aired on December 6th Kwang Kyu responded to the question "If you win what will you do with your prize money?" by saying "I will seek out the woman I love and use the money to propose to her."

In response to his ideal woman he stated "In the past it was a woman who is 160 cm tall, have a lot of hair, have a slight smile, and thin." Continuing on "Right now, as long as she's Korean, I don't care."

He also confessed to being a barista and said "I can create a cup of fresh morning coffee every day for the woman I love." He expressed that he is ready for marriage.

Photo Credit: KBS 2TV '1 vs 100' Capture



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