Ten Girl Groups to Debut in the Second Half of 2012? It's Going to be a Fierce Battle

A major battle for survival is expected amongst the new girl groups that are reported to debut in the second half of 2012.

Even the underdogs of entertainment agencies are beginning to create new idol groups to compete in the harsh K-Pop idol group industry. From girl groups containing natural beauties who never received plastic surgery to groups who look like gangsters are reportedly in preparation for their debut.

First, famous producer Bang Shi Hyuk unveiled his first girl group, GLAM, on July 16. Their debut song is called "PartyXXO" and impressed everyone with a shocking performance containing dance moves like the headspin. This song is the result of the collaboration by 6 Korean writers and produced by Bang Shi Hyuk himself. GLAM performs to "PartyXXO" with sneakers instead of the usual kill-heels worn by girl groups. They are represented as a free-spirited group with a unique personality that makes them stand out.

Crayon Pop is another group who recently appeared on stage for their debut performance on July 19. Their debut song "Saturday Night" choreography consists of comedic dance moves like the kangaroo dance, the oppa run dance, the DJ dance, and the short track dance that left a lasting impression on the audience. As soon as their performance ended, Crayon Pop became the most searched subject on Korea's major search engine.

In August of this year, a 4-member girl group called Goddess will debut with their gangster concept. Unlike the typical girl groups, Goddess will place emphasis on their ability to perform just as powerfully as male idol groups. The music video for their debut song "Goodbye Party" will contain a feministic message involving motorcycles and partying, unlike what you would expect by simply looking at the title of the song.

Also in August, a 3-member hip hop girl group called D-Unit is scheduled to debut. T-ARA member Boram's little sister, Wooram, Yu Jin (who was in preparation for debut in YG Entertainment) and Su Jin will be D-Unit's three members. Even before their official debut, D-Unit has held fan meetings in Korea as well as in Japan to promote their name as much as they can.

FNC Entertainment, the home of FTISLAND and CNBLUE, will also debut a new girl group. FNC recently unveiled the teaser website for their new girl group, AOA (Ace of Angels), and are in the process of introducing one member at a time.

YG Entertainment will also debut a new girl group this fall, sometime in September. The YG branded girl group is the ever famous SuPearls, a group created during the SBS "Survival Audition "K-Pop Star." The members of SuPearls will remain the same except for the replacement of Park Ji Min by Lee Ha Yi. This group is expected to significantly impact the industry with their fresh style and image.

In addition, YG Entertainment's new "Pretty Face" girl group is also scheduled to debut later this year. The girl group will contain girls with pretty faces like Kim Eun Bi and Euna Kim from Mnet "Super Star K" as well as the Shin Min Ah look-a-like, Kim Jenny. The news of their creation made headlines and successfully began their promotion long before their debut date. Their contracts reportedly contained an agreement to refrain from any type of plastic surgery, which drew attention in the media.

All this is already exposed even without any concrete detail released by the entertainment agencies. On top of the girl groups mentioned above, an addition of 3 or 4 more are reported to be in preparation to debut this year.

A representative from the idol group industry revealed, "If the battle among male idol groups was fierce in the beginning half of 2012, the second half will be the battle of the girl groups. All groups seem to contain members who possess beauty as well as talent and were created with the expectation of gaining popularity from both the male and the female population."

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