Lee Hyori's Secret to Her 15 Year Success in the Music Industry

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There is an increase in the level of interest the media is taking on singer Lee Hyori.

The reason Lee Hyori made headlines once again is for her performance with hip hop rappers after a long period of refraining from any musical performances.

On July 20, Lee Hyori was featured on the Mnet "Show Me the Money" with the hottest new rappers. Lee Hyori delivered "10 Minute", "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", "Scandal", "Hey Girl" and "Want Me Back" in a total of 15 minutes. Regardless the years that have passed, she was able to captivate the audience with her unchanged charisma and sexiness.

The reason Lee Hyori decided to appear on stage was because of her personal interest in the new and the powerful rappers. Lee Hyori wanted to combine her music with  hip hop and make it into something greater. This clearly shows the secret behind her 15 year success. Lee Hyori never stops making new challenges.

Lee Hyori is a former idol girl group member from the 90s and had a solo debut after she matured into an experienced artist. Lee Hyori quickly made it to the top and maintained her "hot star" title with her courageous personality and sexy charisma that constantly shocks viewers.

During the preparation of her performance on "Show Me the Money," Lee Hyori never forgot her respectful manners towards staff and crew regardless of her top star status. At the interview with enwes, fresh new rapper Take One (Kim Tae Gyun) revealed, "Lee Hyori didn't seem like she'd be a normal person like us but when we actually met, she was being extra nice to make sure none of us feel uncomfortable. She is extremely down to earth and cool. I'm very grateful for treating us with respect." Other rappers other than Take One also mentioned their gratitude towards Lee Hyori's respectful attitude.

Lee Hyori performed at her best condition and impressed the audience with her stage presence and her charisma. After seeing her powerful performances, it is only a wonder how shocking and fresh her next album will be.

Lee Hyori

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