BoA's Self-Composed 7th Album "Only One" Unveiled!

Singer BoA's self-composed 7th album Only One was unveiled on the 22nd of July.

On July 22, BoA's 7th album was released through various music sites and will be physically available in stores on July 25.

The title song "Only One" is a lyrical hip-hop song that was completely written by BoA herself. BoA manages to perfectly deliver all the emotions in the song with her attractive voice. The choreography to "Only One" was created by world famous choreographer Nappytabs, which drew attention.

Another song in the album called "The Shadow" was also written by BoA. The lyrics of the song, "The Shadow," compare her fans to a shadow, which is always there following you around no matter what. The song contains a diverse mix of beats as well as a powerful mix of sounds.

The album also contains a song called, "Not Over U" which is expressed through BoA's dreamy voice. The song "The Top" contains the theme of "Hope for the Flowers" and expresses the non-existence of the 'top' that everybody wants to reach in their lifetime; instead, people need to find their own ways of reaching your own personal 'top' in life.

Aside from the songs that have been mentioned above, the album does an exceptional job revealing BoA's musical talents. Other songs include "Square Tire" which consists of a dreamy melody created with sounds of an acoustic guitar, and a song called "Mayday! Mayday!" Which is a medium tempo R&B ballad song. The album also contains the song "One Dream" from the SBSTV show "K-Pop Star - Season 1."

Only One
The Shadow


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