‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ Actress Chung-ah Lee saved the planet in past life?

Actress Lee Chung-ah plays a role of a very polite, calm daughter of a Ramyun store owner. She lives in a house filled with men: her so-called husband, student, and neighborhood dongseng (younger brother).

On the episode aired on December 6, the ramyun shop workers and orphanage volunteers help to make ‘Kim Jang’ (make pounds of Kimchi to eat for the rest of the year). During this scene, Woo Hyun-woo (Jo Yoon-woo’s role) and Kim Ba-ool (Park Minwoo’s role) come to help out calling out “Teacher~” and “Nuna~ (older sister)” after ending school early. Then Choi Jang-hyuk (Lee Ki-woo’s role) comes out called Yang Eunbi (Lee Chung-ah) “Manoola~ (wife)” and Cha Chi-soo (Jung IlWoo’s role) immediately comes out calling for his “Honey!” and says she is his girlfriend, which makes her feel nervous.

Suddenly, Yang Eunbi had a husband and a boyfriend, making the orphanage volunteers glare at her. Because she could not handle the glaring, she immediately tried to runaway but fell, making the guys yell “Teacher! Nuna! Wife! Honey!” at the same time.

Netizens are saying “Lee Chung-ah has so much luck to have this many guys around her”, “Was Lee Chung-ah an angel in her past life?”, “How many times did she save the world for her to have this much luck…”, “I wish I can live in Lee Chung-ah’s shoes for one day”.

Lee Chung-ah has worked with actors Kang Dong-won, Jo Han-sun, Jung Il-woo, Lee Ki-woo, and so forth that netizens are saying she saved the world once in her past life.



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