Super Junior Eun-hyuk displays SM Entertainment’s Good-looking vs. Dancing Machines

On December 6, after looking at Trax member Jay’s photo, MC Lee Seung-gi said on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ that “just looking at his picture, I can tell he is part of SM Entertainment”. Then Super Junior Shindong replied, “When my mother saw Jay in a drama she said Kangta is so good at acting” and helped MC Lee Seung-gi proves his point. The charismatic gaze Jay has is very similar to H.O.T’s Kangta.

Then Eun-hyuk said he will demonstrate how the SM line is made up of and brought out a panel. In the ‘Charismatic Gaze’ line, Kangta, Super Junior Choi Si-won, and Jay were displayed. Then he brought another panel to show who originated from that line, which included SM CEO Lee Soo-man, Lee Moon-sae, and Yoo Yul-ee. These three use to be called the ‘Masam Trio’ because of their long faces.

Then Eun-hyuk said there is a hidden line within SM Entertainment and introduced H.O.T Kang Woo-hyuk and Eun-hyuk as one line, which he named the “Anchovy” line because of their small figures.

Picture: SBS 'Strong heart' capture

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