YB Band Yoon Do-hyun says he “signed on the chest of a girl fan before”

On December 6, YB Band Yoon Do-hyun explained on SBS show ‘Strong Heart’ that during this time in the “2009 American Rock Festival Wharf Tour” he took pictures and signed autographs at the souvenir booth at the end of the concert. As the tour went around the states, YB band’s fame was also growing and many fans wanted their signature.

Then Yoon Do-hyun stated, “Since rock fans are so spirited, one fan asked for my signature is an interesting spot. She asked me to sign her chest with her boyfriend right next to me, accepting his girlfriend’s wish”. He then confessed that, “I signed a little longer than I usually do. I even wrote the date”, which made the other guests shocked and full of laughter. To this confession, MC Lee Seung-gi put up the 19 and over panel indicating this talk is only for adults.

Picture: SBS 'Strong Heart' captures



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