'Big' miss A Suzy's Adorable Expression of Gratitude

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Suzy of K-Pop idol group miss A expressed her gratitude through her unique way of saying thank you.

On July 23, the production crew of the KBS drama "Big" released some behind the scenes photos that reveal Suzy delivering her gratitude to her fans. In the photos, she is making an adorable hand motion with her hands with a bright smile on her face. Knowing that her character Jang Mari has been the center of attention for her unique style and personality, Suzy expressed her gratitude as her character Jang Mari would. In one of the photos, co-star Gong Yoo is staring at Suzy as though he is entertained by the adorable sight.

Currently there is only one episode of "Big" remaining, which is why Suzy wanted to express her gratitude. Suzy's character Jang Mari received a lot of attention since the very start of the drama for her eye catching sense of fashion and for her oddball personality.

As of right now, it is only a mystery whether "Big" will have a happy ending or a tragic one. The finale of the KBS drama "Big" will be aired on the 24th of July.

Photo Credit: Bon  Factory

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