K-Pop Mixtape: Coffee Break Songs [Blog]

Coffee culture is growing in Korea and this coffee addict is pleased! The country's number of coffee shops has more than doubled since 2005. The increase is partly attributed to the changing pace of the workforce-coffee is quick, cheap, easy and in style.

Even K-Pop Idols have gotten into the trend, setting up their own coffee cafés with unique themes and singing about their love for the addicting liquid. Here's a list of my ten favorite coffee "feel-good" theme songs, where coffee is appreciated for its unique role in our lives. So, who made the best theme?

1.) Seo In Guk's "Mellow Spring"

 "Is it because of the caffeine?
Am I a pain to you?
My heart keeps bouncing.
My lips keep getting dry.
Is it because of you or
because of the coffee?"

2. B.A.P's "Coffee Shop"

"The coffee shop that we used to go to.
Our coffee shop.
I'm blankly sitting here, where I can smell your scent.

I still can't forget you.
Our memories still remain
So without knowing, like a habit
I came here."

3. YoSeob's "Caffeine"

"Cause you're like caffeine, I can't fall asleep all night.
My heart keeps racing and again, I hate you.
Like caffeine, I try to stay away.
I try to forget about you but I can't do it, I can't help it."

4.) BIGBANG's "Cafe"

"The usual Ice Coffee, Expresso double shot.
Close your eyes,
Let it slide smoothly down your throat, music we used to love.
My heart beats faster,
The tremors when I first met you.
The Cafe helps me remember that attraction.
I always helped her get the syrup,
Now I hate that sticky sweetness."

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