"Big" Gong Yoo Breaks Up With Lee Min Jung "I Love KKJ"

Gong Yoo broke up with Lee Min Jung during an episode of the KBS drama "Big."

On an episode of "Big" that was aired on July 23, featured Kang Kyung Jun(Gong Yoo) breaking up with Gil Da Ran(Lee Min Jung).

During this episode, Kang Kyung Jun corrects the time of the watch that Gil Da Ran had given him and throws in into the river and shouts, "Go back to the time when there was something you wanted to hear from Seo Yun Jae."

All their memories together came back running into Gil Da Ran's head and begins to cry. After seeing Kang Kyung Jun throw the watch into the river, Gil Da Ran runs into the river to find the watch.

Gil Da Ran even says, "I Love KKJ" in front of her whole family.

Meanwhile, the finale of KBS drama "Big" will air on July 24.

Photo Credit: KBS

Gong Yoo
Lee Min Jung


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