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6 Photos Of Emma Stone And Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Hiding From The Paparazzi

By Sara Guaglione | September 17, 2014 02:50 PM EDT

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Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield hiding from the paparazzi / Credit: @AndrewGINA

Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield have no problem posing for cameras when promoting movies like "Amazing Spider-Man 2" - but private life is a whole different ballgame. The real-life couple have found very creative ways to hide from those sneaky paparazzi - check out our photo gallery above!

Here are the different ways Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield have hid from parazzi:

1. Andrew's shoulder. This seems to be Emma Stone's favorite method. Since Andrew is a good deal taller than her, she sneaks behind his back and hides her face just below his shoulder, with only her eyes showing so that she can see where she's going. She is always usually holding his hand while hiding. Very sneaky.

2. Yoga mat. In recent photos, Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield were spotted walking through the streets of NYC. But Emma didn't want to be seen, so she covered her face with her yoga mat. Hope she disinfected it first.

3. Baseball cap/hoodie. This is Andrew's favorite method. He wears hats, baseball caps, or pulls up the hood of his hoodies to cover his face so that the paparazzi can't spot him in a crowd.

4. Hands. Emma and Andrew have also been known to walk with their hands covering their eyes and faces - while they might just look like a couple shielding their eyes from the sun, they are actually Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hiding from the world.

5. Beard. Look at that monstrosity! Andrew has been growing quite the mountain man beard this summer - perhaps in an effort to conceal his identity. Let's face it (no pun intended), it's almost impossible to see who's hiding underneath all that facial hair.

6. Signs. The "Amazing Spider-Man 2" co-stars made headlines when they stepped out for lunch and held signs up in front of their faces when they realized the paparazzi were following them. These handmade signs included a heartfelt note to the photographers to quit their jobs and donate to charity instead.

7. Friends. Emma and Andrew are quite the active couple and are often spotted at events together with friends, such as galas, parties, and dining out. When they're in a group with civilian friends, they tend to hide behind the large group so that they aren't recognized on the street.

Emma Stone, 25, and Andrew Garfield, 31, have been dating since 2011. They currently live together in NYC.

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