'What's Up' Star Dae-sung, Startling Confession "I couldn't watch myself because I was so embarassed."

Dae-sung Kang caused laughter by saying that he was "embarassed" by his acting and could not bear to watch himself.

On the afternoon of December 6, on the 6th floor of Herritz Convention in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam Province, Seoul, a press conference was held to announce the production of 'What's up' - a weekend special drama for the TV station MBN.

Stepping out through an official conference held on this day, Dae-sung was interviewed by reporters. When asked, "It's a already-produced drama. Don't you think people will notice a difference between your character and your current presence?", he enthusiastically agreed, "I do think so."

At this, Dae-sung while laughing, added, "Especially the way I look... I think my complexion got better now, but at the time, my face..." He made a comparison of his current complexion.

Dae-sung laughed, saying, "If I could, I would put another layer over my current skin."

He continued, "I couldn't watch the first broadcast of the drama, because it conflicted with our concert, but when I tried to check out the broadcast, I couldn't bear to watch it I was so embarassed." Those present broke out into laughter as he added, "I thought, 'Why did I do that?' and I thought that if we were to film it now, I could do much better. But I think it came out okay because it was edited well."

'What's Up' is based on the script of writer Gina Song, who also wrote the script for 'KAIST' and 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi'. Before broadcasting, it was anticipated as the 'Second KAIST". It is a story that illustrates the enthusiasm and spirit of students who just entered in the musical department of a performing arts college. The students discover dreams and hopes by settling their frustrations and anxieties through their youth. It will air on MBN every week on Saturdays and Sundays at 9PM.



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