Top 3 Entertainment Companies Entrance Conditions? YG 'Talent', JYP 'Character', SM 'Looks'

The top 3 entertainment agencies, YG, JYP and SM's entrance conditions have been gaining attention on the internet.

On July 24, SBS E! "K-STAR news" showed a segment that talked about the three entertainment's entrance conditions on becoming a singer. 

The show stated that in order to be accepted to YG, you needed 'Potential talent,' JYP 'character' and SM 'good looks.' They also stated that when coping scandals, YG is 'quiet,' JYP is 'shocked and loud' and SM 'announces the truth.'

For the many people that are trying to get into these companies, this show gained much attention.

The three top agencies will be judging for the famous audition program "K-Pop Star" season 2. They hope to see many contestants try out and maybe become the next true star of Asia.

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