'Big' miss A Suzy Looked More Beautiful Because of Her Innocence

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K-Pop idol group miss A member Suzy's love was more heartbreaking to the audience because of her purity and innocence.

On July 24, the last episode of the KBS drama "Big" featured the souls of Kang Kyung Jun (Shin Won Ho) and Seo Yun Jae (Gong Yoo) returning to their own bodies. This episode also showed Kil Da Ran's (Lee Min Jung) love coming true with an unidentified man.

Before their souls were switched back, Kang Kyung Jun in Seo Yun Jae's body (Gong Yoo) spent the last remaining moments with Kil Da Ran. They promised each other that their love for each other will never change regardless of what will happen in the future. Then, Seo Yun Jae and Kang Kyung Jun's souls are switched back and a year flies by. The last episode ends with a scene where Kang Kyung Jun runs under Kil Da Ran's umbrella just like the first time they met.

Even though a significant amount of time passed since Kang Kyung Jun was returned to his body, Jang Ma Ri (Suzy) was still not completely over Kang Kyung Jun. In the past, Jang Ma Ri had done everything and anything to get Kang Kyung Jun's attention but nothing had worked. Jang Ma Ri had created hurtful lies as well as kidnap Kang Kyung Jun's body from the hospital, causing chaos.

One day, Jang Ma Ri received one last hint that would make her forget about Kang Kyung Jun forever. Kang Kyung Jun tells her, "I ignored your feelings. Even when you were coming at me like the engine of a train, I thought you would eventually stop if I kept ignoring you. Even when you were causing all sorts of trouble, I just left you alone. Now however, I can't ignore you anymore because I am really sorry. For you, I need to give you a clear sign. Ma Ri, stop it now."

Jang Ma Ri begins to tear up but pauses to think for a few minutes and decides to go back to the United States. Even though she left Kang Kyung Jun's side, it does not mean that she has completely given up on him.

Although Jang Ma Ri was not the most favored character in the KBS drama "Big," viewers who watched her cry felt her heartbreak as well. Even though she did hurtful things throughout the drama to prevent Kang Kyung Jun and Kil Da Ran's relationship from blooming, it was all rooted from her innocent, child-like love.

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