'Unexpected You' The Secret to Its Success!

What is the secret behind the incredible viewing rate of the KBS drama "Unexpected You?"

According to TNmS on July 23, the KBS drama "Unexpected You" received the viewing rates of over 40% for four weeks in a row. "Unexpected You" took over the living rooms of Korea as it was rated as the most viewed weekend drama of the summer.

In a recent episode, the romance between Chun Jae Yong (Lee Hee Jun) and Bang Yi Sook (Jo Yun Hee) was featured. Viewers who have been faithfully watching "Unexpected You" claim that their story is more entertaining than the most popular comedy show, Gag Concert.

Meanwhile, Cha Se Gwang (Kang Min Hyuk) and Bang Mal Sook (Oh Yeon Seo) have a love line of their own developing. However, their love is in a way forbidden because her older brother is married to his older sister. Even though they're not blood related, Cha Se Gwang's older sister, Cha Yun Hee (Kim Nam Joo) is strongly opposed to his involvement with Bang Mal Sook, which is one of the biggest reasons why Cha Se Gwang continuously dumped her multiple times.

The potential of this KBS weekend drama is incredibly high since, "Unexpected You" features a story that every single member of the family could relate to.

People in the online community have continuously shown support for the drama with comments like, "Whenever I watch this drama with my in-laws, I feel so refreshed and happy," "The story is so satisfying", and "The slow and stupid couple is so cute."

Unexpected You


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