K-Pop Review: Party (XXO) by GLAM

With all the rookie groups making their debut right now its harder for each of them to make an impression and be original, and I've definitely found it hard to become a fan any of the recent groups, but GLAM has caught my eye.

The extraterrestrial theme of this video is something we've seen from New F.O, and B.A.P, but of the three I like GLAM's uses of it the best. Their E.T, out of this world concept in the video just helped to emphasize the theme of the song and wasn't over done, or annoying, or kitschy.

My favorite thing about this song is that GLAM is promoting being yourself. After reading the lyrics I interpreted this song as a celebration to be who you are and even if you're a minority to continue to live your life the way you want. With lines like:

"Can I kiss you, baby girl?" and "Are you a boy? Girl? I don't care!"

its obvious they are singing about a same sex relationship which is actually a pretty bold thing to do in K-Pop, especially as a rookie group. The lyrics of this song are empowering, and that's what sets the song, and GLAM apart from the rest.

As much as I want to love "Party (XXO)" completely I did find a problem that is hard to overlook. I thought they did a good job of showcasing the group's strong vocals, and dance skills, but they did not display the all the members' abilities. In the song we never hear from Trinity, and in the video there were maybe five-seconds where Trinity appeared alone on camera. The focus was obviously on the group's rappers Zinni, and Park Jiyeon, and I find it ridiculous, and amazing that any group can neglect to give lines to all their members especially for their debut song. Its not like GLAM has a whole lot of members, it shouldn't be that hard to split the lines up among 5 members.

Wrap Up

After watching the music video, and listening to the song, and reading the lyrics I can see that there was real effort in the production of this group, and song. I loved "Party (XOO)," it was fun to listen to, fun to watch, and the more I listen to it the more I love it. I look forward to more songs from GLAM, and if they keep it up with this kind of music I can definitely stay a big fan of theirs.

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