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Jae-bum Lim's First Time Confessing "Every night, I only thought about dying"

By Young-joo Kim | December 06, 2011 11:00 PM EST


For the first time in his life Jae-bum Lim, who appeared on a talk show, confessed his shocking past.

Jae-bum shocked everyone by confessing, "1998, when I was singing 'Go-he' (Confession), was when I was most miserable, and I was suffering from serious depression. After that, every night for 6 years, I only thought dying, and I was overwhelmed with the hardships of life."

During the filming, Jae-bum surprised more by revealing, "After marriage, I didn't have an income, so I couldn't even keep the room heated in the dead of winter... In order the eat and live I forced myself to go out and sing."

He continued speaking about his difficult life by saying, "To save on electricity costs, I asked my daughter to watch only one hour of TV, and at 9PM we turned off all the lights and unplugged all the cords in the house. Even to save water, my wife and I didn't wash and only bathed our daughter. When I wanted to smoke I would find cigarette butts on the street to smoke."

He retold the past startling life of Jae-bum Lim: "Every night I would think to myself, 'Let's die.. how should I die..' Then I would see my daughter and wife sleeping and think to myself, "Still I have to live..' It was 6 years that I struggled and fought like that."

The rest of Jae-bum's confession will be boradcast on KBS 2TV's 'On the Roll' on December 6.

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