Youngji Shows Sweet And Innocent Personality In 'star1'

KARA's newest baby doll Youngji is getting more and more attention as she snags her first solo pictorial for star1!

Youngji, who first debut with KARA for the group's latest promotion for "Day & Night" expressed her soft and youthful features for the shoot. In this minimalist-themed shoot, Youngji was clad in pastel-colored sweaters as she projected a sweet and subtle innocence that makes her absolutely adorable.

Other than the shoot, Youngji also graced star1 with her presence for a special interview wherein she talked about her relationship with the other three KARA members.

Because Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara have been together for years as an established team, many fans were curious, if not worried, as to how newbie Youngji would find her way into the group. Youngji said that the transition was easy because the other members are not at all "territorial" and were actually very welcoming of her.

"If I ask one member, all three of them teach me subsequently. I'm thankful to them... However, because I'm still lacking in many aspects, I'm very apologetic to them," she said. Don't worry, Youngji! There's still time to grow.

Youngji's interview and pictorial with star1 was released on September 22!



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