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SISTAR Hyorin and Soyu Tan a Little Too Much?

July 26, 2012 06:30 PM EDT

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hyorin soyu tanning / Credit: hyorin soyu tanning

SISTAR Hyorin and Soyu look darker than ever. 

On the 26th on an online forum, a photo with the title, "Hyorin and Soyu at the Tanning Salon," was posted.

In the photo Hyorin and Soyu are seen posing with the tanning salon as the background. The two members were seen looking sexier than ever in their tanned looks and revealing clothes.

Viewers commented, "Even without tanning, they're sexy..." and, "They're like two pretty black pearls." They also wrote, "I love SISTAR for rocking the healthy look." 

SISTAR is active with their song, "Loving U." 

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