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ZE:A's Leader Lee Hoo Threatens Star Empire CEO On Twitter

By Staff Writer | September 21, 2014 10:12 AM EDT


The leader of ZE:A took to Twitter and threatened the CEO of the group's company.

ZE:A's leader, Lee Hoo (formerly Junyoung) took on Star Empire's CEO on Twitter, threatening to reveal incriminating evidence of corruption. The idol declared war against the CEO, Shin Joo Hak. He has continuously written incendiary tweets, even as some were deleted. Star Empirehas begun looking into the incident, and the causes behind Lee Hoo's anger.

Taking charge as the leader of his group, ZE:A's Lee Hoo took to Twitter on September 21, beginning with a tirade against the athlete Tanaka who injured ZE:A member Taeheon during an MMA match. Lee Hoo wrote about he happy news that Taeheon, who needed surgery for a nasal fracture, was recovering well and out of the hospital, and then turned to darker matters.

"I will show you what a true leader is, what true sacrifice is," he began his attack, mentioning Star Empire's CEO by name and eventually asking "Do you have a clear conscience?"

Through a series of tweets that were later deleted, Lee Hoo said that he would take care of ZE:A as a leader, protecting its members. Lee Hoo added that he would start revealing documents that show the abuse by Shin Joo Hak.

While some tweets were deleted as of late September 21, the idol has four tweets still on his page.

The four include the heartfelt, "Everyone, you know I love you, right?" and a long tweet about the idea that a king (leader) needs to be sincere and not cunning like a fox.

"I have nothing long to say. A real leader, a real owner, a real king, and someone sincere should listen to his people. I can't be sneaky like a fox, but now I will live like a lion. That's my style. I won't hide it."

The remaining tweets are from later updates, and the first one expresses Lee Hoo's frustration with Korean portal sites supposedly pushing down the topic on rankings.

The final tweet is a heartfelt request, aimed at other companies in the Korean entertainment industry: "I'm ....asking you a favor. If other people, other companies side with Star Empire, I will also reveal those agencies corrupt practices... Don't get hurt by this.. You shouldn't become involved in a war that is not yours. If you can, buy your way out with money. You're an expert at that. This is the reality."

Star Empire has reported that it is looking into the situation, and there is some concern that it is caused by financial mismanagement. There is speculation that Taeheon's MMA fight was not the idol's own decision, or was mishandled, leading to Lee Hoo's anger over his member's injuries.

Star Empire's CEO management style was revealed in the documentary, 9 Muses of Star Empire.

The story is still developing, but hopefully the idol and their company will be able to reconcile their differences.

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