Neymar Drowns Girlfriend And Ankle Injury Sorrows By Partying With Alessandra Ambrosio In Milan Fashion Week: Barcelona Striker Forgets About Bruna Marquezine

Neymar drowned his girlfriend and ankle injury sorrows by partying it up with the model Alessandra Ambrosio in Milan Fashion Week. That’s one sure way to make all the troubles go away! Barcelona striker definitely put his ex girlfriend Bruna Marquezine in his past, but his new ankle injury seems rather serious.

Barcelona’s top player turned up at Milan Fashion Week with models all around him. According to Daily Mail, Neymar and all the models hung out at the Replay store preview.

Check out the picture Neymar posted on his Instagram:

On the right is the famous 33-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and left is Sara Sampaio, a 23-year-old Portuguese model who won Rookie of the Year from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. So he had the two hottest women on Earth beside him at the event.

Goodbye Bruna Marquezine.

But the 22-year-old player couldn’t quite put his ankle injury worry behind him at the event.

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique, according to announced that Neymar has sustained an ankle injury, but does not yet know its severity.

“He has a slightly sprained ankle that we have not yet assesses fully," he said. "I had planned to make the change anyway, but I hope it’s not too bad."

There troubles don’t seem to end for the poor Brazilian striker.

Neymar at least got a chance to have a fun evening out with his compatriate Alessandra Ambrosio and a new friend Sara Sampaio. At least they all spoke the same language!

Do you think his ex girlfriend Bruna Marquezine has no attachments on the Barcelona player? Or do you think she still may have feelings for him?

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