K-Pop Review : 'Psy 6 Rules Part 1' by Psy

Psy made an explosive comeback with Part 1 of his 6th album, Psy 6 Rules Part 1 and displayed his unique, and strong skills as a song writer, and an artist. I loved every bit of this album, and I can't critique anything about it, so this review is more about the things I loved most about the album.

Blue Frog ft. G-Dragon

Blue Frog is about being a rule breaker, always doing what you want, and never doing as you are told. This one of my top favorites from the album (not that I didn't like them all) and not just because G-Dragon was featured on it.

Psy and G-Dragon's voices, and energy mesh well, and I think they should do more songs together. Their distinct styles of music came together to make something amazing!

Gangnam Style

This was a classic, and signature Psy song, what more can I say? It was epic, and HILARIOUS!

The parking lot dance battles

the aunt party bus

the flying garbage

the explosion

the guys' day at the sauna

the funny choreography

and this:

all made this video the best! I am telling you idols have nothing on Psy, and they never will.

Intro to 77 ft. Leessang & Kim Jin Pyo

This collaboration between LeeSsangKim Jin Pyo and Psy was more perfection. I have to say I keep forgetting that Kim Jin Pyo is featured on this track, I just was focusing on LeeSsang, and Psy's voices so that was all I heard.

I definitely want to see more of this collaboration.

Never Say Goodbye ft. Yoon Do Hyun

This is my favorite song from the album, and it is definitely in my top songs of the year. It is a beautiful blend of Rock, Ballad, and Hip Hop, and I couldn't get that from anyone else but Psy

I love Psy's singing voice, and it works so well with Yoon Do Hyun's voice and the rock genre. After listening to this song I had to wonder why they never worked together before.

Wrap Up

Psy is doing really well with this album, and experiencing a lot of success with it, and for good reason. This was 2 year production, and the quality of the album shows that every minute put into it was put to good use.

My favorite part about this album is that each song was Psy's twist on a different genre, and I thought it was a nice touch to feature artists from each of those genres.

This album is a testament to Psy's ability to reinvent himself, and I am excited for Part 2.

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