'Unexpected You' CNBLUE Kang Min Hyuk & Oh Yeon Seo "The New Romeo and Juliet"

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CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk and actress Oh Yeon Seo are becoming one of the most romantic couples of this summer.

On July 28, the 45th episode of the KBS weekend drama "Unexpected You" will feature Kang Min Hyuk taking care of Oh Yeon Seo while she looks miserable.

During the episode, Bang Mal Sook (Oh Yeon Seo) and Cha Se Gwang (Kang Min Hyuk) have been caught by Cha Yun Hee (Kim Nam Joo), who has been nagging him to end the relationship. Since Cha Yun Hee found out about their relationship, Cha Se Gwang has been in the middle of two women who have been demanding this and that from him. The anticipation to find out what will happen to Bang Mal Sook and Cha Se Gwang has gone through the roof since their relationship has been like a roller coaster throughout the drama.

When people thought it was impossible, the anticipation went up again when a previous of the next episode was revealed. Cha Se Gwang takes off his jacket and puts it around Bang Mal Sook, who is shivering and crying while wearing a sleeve-less dress. What happened and what will happen?

One member of the production crew stated, "The Bang Mal Sook and Cha Se Gwang couple represents the hot and honest couples in their 20s. People tend to become brave and proud when it comes to love and that's what we wanted to portray in the Bal Mal Sook and Cha Se Gwang couple in the drama."

Meanwhile, the KBS weekend drama "Unexpected You" has been receiving an unbelievable viewing rate of 42.7%, becoming the nation's most popular drama of the summer. 

Unexpected You
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