'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Kim Jaejoong's Acting Skills Improve with Every Betrayal

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Kim Jaejoong of K-Pop idol group JYJ is continuously drawing attention for his skillful performances in the MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin."

Since the start of the MBC drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin," Kim Jaejoong of JYJ has been praised for his impressive performance portraying his character, Kim Kyung Tak. Kim Jaejoong is flawless in portraying the strong and powerful character who is weak and helpless when it comes to true love.

In the first half of the story, Kim Jaejoong revealed his cold hearted character's true side when he meets his true love. At the first climax of the drama, Kim Jaejoong puts his life in danger in order to protect his father's name but only gets punished for his actions.

In "Time Slip Dr. Jin," Kim Jaejoong's character is constantly betrayed by a number of people who he trusts. Kim Jaejoong's acting is intensifying with every betrayal and heartbreak. Now, more than ever, Kim Jaejoong is being praised for his significant improvement in acting and has become one of the "must-watch" actors in the industry because of his incredible potential.

People in the online community responded to Kim Jaejoong's acting with comments like, "I've been crying and laughing with Kim Jaejoong's character throughout the drama" and "It's amazing to see Kim Jaejoong, whose acting skills improve with each episode."

The MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" features other top stars like Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young.

Time Slip Dr Jin

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