'Time Slip Dr. Jin' JYJ's Kim Jaejoong the "Weekend Boyfriend"

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Kim Jaejoong of K-Pop idol group JYJ has become the weekend boyfriend of all the devoted female viewers of the MBC drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin."

Featuring in "Time Slip Dr. Jin" as one of the police officers of the Chosun Dynasty who is exceptionally talented in martial arts, Kim Jaejoong has been praised for his skillful acting.

Every episode, Kim Jaejoong's acting has been improving and has been the center of attention in the drama. Kim Jaejoong's character, Kim Kyung Tak, is a tough guy on the outside who has deep emotional scars on the inside. Kim Jaejoong has been receiving praise for flawlessly portraying the lonely character who has never been genuinely cared for.

Kim Jaejoong shook the hearts of the female viewers when his strong character showed weakness when it came to true love. Even when he was a cold and rough character, Kim Jaejoong turned into a soft and romantic character when it came to love.

Kim Jaejoong brings tears to the audience when he skillfully portrays the devotion his character has for his biological father who does not give a single care about him. Throughout the drama, Kim Jaejoong has been bringing tears and laughter to the audience and his future performances are highly anticipated.

Time Slip Dr Jin

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