Luna, Reveals Ambition "It's my first time acting but I will show you pleasant and tasteful acting"

TV Cho-seon's 'Go-bong-shil Ah-joom-mah Goo-ha-gi' (Saving Lady Go-bong-shil - script: Eun-ryung Park, director: Sang-ho Yoon) held their production announcement conference on the afternoon of December 7, at the Grand Residence of 'Hilton South Sea Golf and Spa Resort Clubhouse' in Nam-he-gun, Gyeong-nam-do.

At this production announcement conference, actors Hae-sook Kim, Ho-jin Cheon, Yeong-jae Dok-go, Seung-min Lee, Young-joon Kim, f(x)'s Luna, and Kyu-jong Kim were present.

'Saving Lady Go-bong-shil' illustrates the beautiful life-reversal of 50 year-old Ms. Go-bong-shil. While living peacefully in a village in Nam-he, she suffers the sudden loss of her husband and goes up to Seoul's Itaewon, where she starts her life anew.The first broadcast will be on December 17 at 7:50 PM.



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