'Ghost' So Ji Sup & Lee Yeon Hee's Steamy Love Scene?

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What happened to the steamy love scene between So Ji Sup and Lee Yeon Hee in the hotel room?

On July 25, the 17th episode of the SBS drama "Ghost" featured Park Ki Young (So Ji Sup) being chased down by the police. Yu Kang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee) brings Park Ki Young's belongings to the hotel room where he is staying temporarily.

Everything was playing out according to Jo Hyun Min's (Um Ki Joon) plot which was the reason why Park Ki Young was wanted by the police. Yu Kang Mi and Kwon Hyuk Joo (Kwak Do Won) were aiding Park Ki Young in his attempt to stay out of sight. Park Ki Young decides to stay at a hotel one night and Yu Kang Mi brings him his belongings.

Whlie waiting for Park Ki Young to finish showering, Yu Kang Mi feels uneasy and begins to blush when he comes out of the shower with only a gown on. When Park Ki Young takes the clothes Yu Kang Mi brought to the bathroom to change, she asks, "Wait, did you finish changing?"

When Park Ki Young comes out of the bathroom, he leads her onto the bed. So Ji Sup and Yu Kang Mi's faces got closer and closer and the atmosphere got tense. Suddenly, Park Ki Young put handcuffs on Yu Kang Mi's hands.

Park Ki Young then says, "It's enough for now. From now on, I'm going to do this on my own. If we move together, we'll both be charged for the crime. Kwon Hyuk Joo will be here soon so wait a little bit" and takes off from the hotel room.

The hotel scene gave the audience high hopes of their romance blooming. Viewers responded with comments like, "I was hoping to see So Ji Sup's six-pack while he was showering", "I was waiting for So Ji Sup and Lee Yeon Hee's relationship going further" and "Other dramas usually include a kiss scene at least.." and expressed their disappointment at the lack of a steamy kiss scene.

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