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T-ARA Members' Tweet Surrounding Hwayoung... Heats Up the Crowd

July 27, 2012 09:59 PM EDT

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The tweets of T-ARA members aimed at Hwayoung are becoming a big issue.

On the 25th and the 26th, T-ARA members held their first concert in Japan 'T-ARA Jewelry Box'. But Hwayoung injured her leg while practicing for the Japanese concert, making the programs scheduled in Korea hard. Because of this, T-ARA members had to sing "Day by Day" on the 27th at KBS2 "Music Bank" without Hwayoung and Soyeon.

But the members excluding Qri and Ahreum tweeted their thoughts while in Japan.

On the 25th, Eunjung posted on her twitter, "As a position could make a person, will and determination could make someone too... What a pity, you should always be able to take care of the people around you."

On the same day, Jiyeon said, "It's all about the will, always be humble, I give you applause for your acting", and Soyeon said "Will + manners + consideration, let's all cheer up."

Hyomin also wrote, "It's all about the will. Let's all fighting with will and determination!", and Boram retweeted this.

Hwayoung wrote on her own twitter, "Sometimes even with determination it's too much. Situations like these hurt me but I believe it's a good will of God with good meanings behind it. You know everything, right, God?"

Hwayoung's twin sister Hyoyoung also wrote, "My other half is having a hard time, no matter what others say, you could do this" and Hwayoung said, "You're the best, ah.."

Hyoyoung then said, "What if your face is pretty, your heart should be pretty. Is a sick person not a person? Ah it hurts me too, I want to cry. I better just go practice."

The tweets of T-ARA members are deleted now, but the captured files have been bringing heat to internet users, who said "No wonder they say Hwayoung is outcasted within the group", etc.

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