'Invincible Youth 2' 2PM's Wooyoung Reveals "An Older Actress Asked Me Out"

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K-Pop idol group 2PM's Wooyoung revealed that an older actress approached him with interest.

On July 28, Wooyoung appeared on an episode of KBS TV show "Invincible Youth 2" and revealed, "I was asked out by an actress who is older than I am. She asked me 'Do you want to date me?' but I just told her, 'I'm not emotionally ready' and declined."

Wooyoung has previously appeared in the KBS TV show "Happy Together 3" and revealed that three singers have asked him out. In relation to the girls who asked him out, MC Lee Yung Ja questioned, "Are any of those three girls a member of G5?" Wooyoung thought for a minute and replied, "It seems like there would be, right?" and stirred up an explosive amount of curiosity.

Lee Young Ja commented, "I think Hyoyeon asked you out", and looked at Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon responded, "I really didn't" and began to defend herself. Kang Jiyoung of KARA then added, "Today is the first time I talked to Woo Young," and emphasized the fact that she never asked him out.

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