Hong Kyung-min, Interest In Cheering On Brother Hong Geun-ha 'Brotherly Bond'

Actor Geun-ha Hong revealed that singer Kyung-min Hong is his brother.

At 2:30 AM on December 7, a press conference was held for MBC's part 2 drama 'I'm Alive' at MBC Dream Center in Il-san. At the press conference, the MC drew attention to Geun-ha Hong by revealing that Kyung-min Hong was his brother.

Geun-ha explained, "Since filiming was going to take place soon, I briefly told him that I would be appearing in a drama. He doesn't show it outright, but inside he's cheering me on."

Sun-kyung Jung, who is acting as Geun-ha's wife in the drama, spoke up, "I am working alongside Kyung-min Hong in a celebrity volunteer service called 'Dda-sa-mo'. One day, I was surprised by a telephone call from Kyung-min, but he called knowing that I was casted in the drama with his brother. He made the request, 'Take care of my older brother.' Their brotherly affection seemed very strong.

Younger brother, Kyung-min also contributed to the drama's OST. Geun-ha added, "Although he is my younger brother, in the celebrity world he is my senior. I'm thankful because he gives me advice and thinks about me a lot."

'I'm Alive' is first Korean drama featuring zombies and is an experimental one-act drama about a mother's love and her willigness to sacrifice anything to protect her daughter. It is scheduled to air on December 11 at 11:50 PM.



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