BoA's Confession About Her Hobbies

BoA confessed that she is a Korean drama mania.

On the July 28th broadcast of her SBS show, "BoA 4354," BoA was asked by her close friend Lee Yeon Hee what the very first thing she does when she gets home BoA answered, "I watch Korean dramas."

She continued, "I loved watching 'The Chaser' and I also am watching 'Ghost.' I also watch 'A Gentleman's Dignity', but then pay a dollar to watch it again. I review it one more time" and confirmed that she was an avid fan of "A Gentleman's Dignity."

During the show, BoA visited the set of "A Gentleman's Dignity" to show support for the fellow SM Entertainment actor Kim Min Jong. Actor Kim Soo Ro also warmly welcomed BoA.

BoA showed the music video of "Only One" to the two actors. After watching the video, Kim Soo Ro responded, "I feel like I'm seeing the young Madonna."

"Only One" was written by BoA herself and contains a lyrical hip-hop feel that creates a dreamy atmosphere. The choreography for "Only One" was created by the world famous NappTabs choreography team, who have previously worked with stars like Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez.

Meanwhile, "BoA 4354" is her comeback show that revealed the process of maturing as an artist. The show contained a very detailed biography of BoA's singing career that began on August 27, 2000 on her first stage. The numbers "4354" stands for the number of days that have passed since BoA first stood on stage.



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