'Immortal Song 2' 2PM Junsu Impresses Fans with 'Farewell Formula'

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K-Pop ido group 2PM's Junsu put on a performance of a fresh new remake of R.ef's "Farewell Formula."

On the July 28th broadcast of KBS "Immortal Song 2," Junsu performed R.ef's "Farewell Formula." This song placed 1st for three weeks in a row on "Gayo Top 10" back in 1995.

Junsu, who returned after a year of absence on the show stated, "Since it's been a long time, I wanted to show everyone a new side of me."

For the performance, Junsu participated in remaking the song including a new rap segment. Jun su's exciting choreography and performance took the viewers by surprise.

Junsu's performance on "Immortal Song 2" aired on July 28 on KBS.

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