Emma Watson #HeforShe Campaign Photo Gallery: Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth, Boyfriend Matt Janney And Oxford University Rugby Team Join On Twitter

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Emma Watson blew everyone away with her #HeforShe speech at the UN. And now all the famous male actors and personalities are flocking to join the movement on Twitter. Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth, Russell Crowe and even her boyfriend Matt Janney's Oxford University Rugby Club have tweeted in support of Emma Watson and women everywhere. Good job boys!

The growing list of male celebrities and handsome Oxford University rugby players not only show the impact of Emma's UN speech, but also just how many influential men she has in her life! Neil Gaiman? Tom Hiddleston? Emile Hirsch? If this list of men supporting gender equality doesn't do it, then we don't know what will! 

Most notably, we noticed that the major cast members of 'Noah' all tweeted for #HeforShe. Russell Crowe, Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth all showed their bright faces on Twitter toEmma Watson happy. 

Plus, these boys got extra creative for 'Noah' actress' #HeforShe Twitter fest. Neil Gaiman wrote the hashtag on his palm (points for going the extra mile), Matt Janney gathered his entire Oxford University rugby team and, well, Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth showed their beautiful faces to lure in more female fans. 

The number of male celebrities and supporters are bound to increase as Emma's UN speech gets more views on YouTube and her Twitter gets even more bombarded with support for women's empowerment. Even Lena Dunham retweeted 'Noah' actress' call for action!

How big do you think that Emma's campaign for the UN will get? Let me know in the comments below!

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