2NE1 Global Tour, 'True World Stars'

2NE1 has proved to be Korea's top global girl group.

Girl group 2NE1 started their world tour, 'NEW EVOLUTION' on July 28 and 29 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. 

Their world tour will be traveling to 7 countries and 10 cities. They have been working with world famous choreographers and staff members to create a more dynamic and fresh performance for their fans.

2NE1 debuted in 2009 and is famous for creating many hit songs. Below is an interview about their global tour in Seoul.

Isn't it a given that a song should be sung 'live'?

2NE1's live talents have already been proved before. However, for this 2 hour concert, singing live would be too much for the singers. However, they were full of energy even during their ending encore performance, singing live for all their songs.

The session band that performed with them live made the concert even more special. Beyonce's music producer Divinity Roxx performed on stage with them with her amazing bassist skills.

All their songs were sung along by the crowd, 'hit song parade'

2NE1's global tour in Seoul, which lasted about 2 and a half hours, performed 21 songs excluding the 2 encore songs.For a group that has only been around for 3 years, they have many hit songs.

Every song that they release they have been a hit and their popularity could be seen at the concert. The fans were singing along to every song and continued to heat up the stage until the encore performance.

'2NE1 Style'

When we think of 2NE1 we automatically think of bold prints and patterns. Their outfits explain their style and their concept. They always seem to comeback with a different and unique style. For this album, they teamed with world famous designer Jeremy Scott. 

2NE1's different and loud outfits gained much attention with their comeback performance as well. Costume designer Michael Corton also helps with their concert costumes.

2NE1s Global Tour, their fans go global too

It is popular amongst idols to donate rice. However, 2NE1's fans sent over 1,210 mango trees to Africa and helped 2,015 people in need.

2NE1's fans are very diverse as they come from Japan, China, France and even Latin America.

Their world tour will travel to their next stop, the U.S., on August 17.

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