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Six Reasons To Watch 'Boarding House #24'

By Adrienne Stanley | September 28, 2014 12:28 PM EDT


“Boarding House #24” is a twelve episode idol drama which stars Tiny-G’s Dohee, VIXX Ken, ZE:A Dongjun, BIGFLO High Top, Rainbow Hyunyoung, and Kim Sa Eun.

The experience of the idol cast varies but the format of the program allows for unseasoned actors. Tiny-G’s Dohee previously won over viewers through her role as Jo Yoo Jin in “Reply 1994.” ZE:A member Dongjun has previously appeared in Korean dramas and variety programs including “Let’s Go Dream Team.” “Boarding House #24” marks the K-Drama debut for VIXX Ken.

Rookie actress Kim Sa Eun became the focus of media attention last week, after she publicly announced her relationship with Super Junior member Sungmin.

The cast is led by veteran actor Kim Kwang Kyu who is an off kilter boarding house owner with ulterior motives behind his haphazard recruitment of six twenty-four year old residents. He uses slightly unethical tactics to lure the young adults into the house ranging from the inclusion of a makeshift gym to marketing the house as a perfect residence for a potential Samsung employee.

“Boarding House #24” is a classic sitcom which includes the slightly antiquated use of a laugh track. Laugh track aside, the comedy presents numerous hilarious moments and is reminiscent of the “High Kick” series.

 “Boarding House #24” plays on stereotypes about North Korean citizens and male girl group fans.

High Top (Lim Hyun Tae) of the rookie group BIGFLO is Lee Bang In, a North Korean defector who is driven by his love of K-Pop girl groups.

Bang In is an avid follower of the group Tiny-G. The members of Tiny-G are convinced to move next door to Boarding House #24 on the premise that the area will provide good luck with promotional activities.

The guy who is most appearance obsessed may not be the wealthiest. 

“Boarding House #24” breaks from the common K-Drama trope of the extraordinarily man who is also extremely handsome. ZE:A member Dongjun portrays Kim Dong Joon, a fitness obsessed narcissist whose ex-girlfriend is in love with luxury goods. Dong Joon is outwardly attractive but may not be as wealthy or intelligent as Lee Jae Wan.

VIXX Ken is adorable as the dorky son of hospital owner. 

VIXX Ken goes against his idol image to embrace Lee Jae Wan, the geeky son of the owner of J Hospital. Jae Wan aspires to find career success without assistance from his father. He is forced to move into the boarding house following an incident where he interrupts a blind date between his friend and a young gold digger. Jae Wan feigns a relationship with his male friend, prompting the gold digger is flee.

“Boarding House #24” mocks obsession with wealth acquisition and luxury goods.

Kim Sa Eun is hilarious as Kim Sa Eun, a gold digger who is willing to marry a rich man at all cost. She has a negative encounter with Lee Jae Wan during one of her blind dates. Jae Wan spots Sa Eun on a date with one of his friends and realizes that she is only interested with his friend for his inheritance.

Sa Eun’s tenacity for wealth leads her to bite Jae Wan and declare war against him.

Rainbow’s Hyunyoung portrays luxury good fanatic, Jo Hyun Young. Hyun Young previously dated Dong Joon and harbors resentment toward him regarding a fake handbag.

During an apparent robbery, Hyun Young encounters Bang In. Bang In saves her purse, initially believing that her purse was an actual baby.

Tiny-G’s Dohee is the enigmatic Min Do Hee, a resident within the boarding house that remains unknown even to the owner. However, there is a hint of an octopus-clad Do Hee, in the future.

The strangest aspect of “Boarding House #24” is the boarding house owner. At the end of episode one, he reveals his true motivation behind gathering six twenty-four year olds into one house.

“Boarding House #24” airs on MBC Every1 and can be streamed in English through DramaFever, as well as Viki.

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