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'My Love, My Bride' Actress Shin Min Ah Gives The Scoop On Off-Screen Romance

By Gracia | October 04, 2014 04:01 PM EDT


Known for her roles in Korean dramas like "A Love To Kill" and "My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox," actress Shin Min Ah had a one-on-one interview with Korean news outlet Newsen to give the scoop on her new movie "My Love,My Bride."

Shin Min Ah's new romantic comedy tells the entertianing story of newlywed life. During her interview, the actress was asked about her dating specifications.

The reporter asked if Shin Min Ah was open to dating publicly and the actress responded, "I can date privately or I can date publicly, but I think the other person's opinion is important to consider too." She continued, "It's not something that I can go public with because I want to. It's the same for whether my significant other is an ordinary citizen or an actor. Of course, there will be prejudices or biases, so we would have to be careful about that."

After that, she was asked if she's the type of girl that would do aegyo (cute expressions and gestures) poses which is more trend in Korea right now, but Shin Min Ah refused saying, "I have absolutely no aegyo." She explained, "If I even hear anyone do aegyo, I get goosebumps."

As for her opinion of a guy who shows aegyo, Shin Min Ah replied, "They give me goosebumps too."

She followed up with an explanation saying, "If your aegyo is too severe, rather than appearing sincere, I think you look like you're acting."

"Rather than someone who does aegyo, I like someone who earnestly does their best," the actress explained.

"My Love, My Bride" is scheduled to hit the theaters October 8th and co-stars actor Jo Jung Suk.

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