Jin-hee Baek and Gye-sang Yoon do Peppero game on High Kick 3

On the episode of ‘High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged’ that aired on December 6, Yoon Gye-sang and Baek Jin-hee go to an event for dementia awareness.

In the event, they had to play a couple game and show the grandparents how to play with game.

As the game started, when Yoon Gye-sang came closer Baek Jin-hee’s heard started to pound faster and faster.

As the event came to an end, the event helpers went out together to eat and drink. During this time, Baek Jin-hee became really drunk and confessed, “I think I like you teacher”, but she confessed to Yoon Gye-sang’s jacket that was hanging on a hanger and not him in flesh.

Picture: MBC High Kick 3- Revenge of the Short Legged

Yoon Gye-sang
High Kick 3
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