Model Seung-won Cha to actor Seung-won Cha, how did it happen?

“It’s me Dok Go-jin~”, “Ding-dong~~”, “Overcome~” are the few sayings her made after is infamous drama ‘Greatest Love’. Cha Seung-won truthfully talks about his life as an actor on tv show ‘Joo Byung-jin Talk Concert’.

To break away from ‘model Cha Seung-won’, Cha Seung-won played a variety of roles that went away from the norm. Because he did this, it helped him become who is now and gain the respect as an actor from many viewers. One of the fans on the show asked Cha Seung-won how he would act like an ‘Emotional Pervert’.

In the show, he proves how at home Cha Seung-won is just a normal husband and dad, while outside, people notice him just by looking at his back.

Cha Seung-won shows his true self on MBC ‘Joo Byung-jin Talk Concert’ and explains in a comic and friendly way how he become what he is now.

‘Joo Byung-jin Talk Concert’ with Cha Seung-won will air on December 8 11:05 pm. 

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